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What do I have to offer?


I will work with individuals that need to set goals with a whole lot of empowering encouragement. I will remind you for 21 days how to create a habit that is useful and will remain. Are you looking for financial success, personal, education, professional aims or a clearer path to your goals? I have discovered a way for you to do it. I can give you the most powerful coaching principles and tools available, so that you accomplish it all with clarity, focus, ease and grace.

  1. 1 free Complimentary Session

  2. 5 Empowerment coaching/ entailed sessions (45 minutes of  telecoaching sessions) Q & A at the end of each call

  3. Worksheet (Daily goal setting habits created)

  4. Weekly Affirmation (Conference blast)

  5. Empowerment/Brag Call

You will become empowered by practice. This renewed self-confidence and self-worth produces positive experiences, including hope and gratitude as you attain tangible results with ease. Best of all, the results are long lasting.

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