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At the end of February 2015 I started working with Datrice. The first thing we did while working together was our vision board. I had so much fun creating a vision and placing it on a board that I could look at every day to keep my vision alive. I placed my board beside my bed so that it would be the first thing I looked at each morning. She gave me the tools I needed to start making my vision a reality. We would have weekly phone calls to catch up and talk about my visions and goals. I started writing my goals out and putting dates on when I expected things to happen.


One of my goals was to get married. I set a date of April 2015 to be with the man I wanted to be with and to eventually marry him. On my vision board I had a picture of us around things pertaining to marriage. In April 2015, I was reunited with that person and we got married May 7, 2015.

I could not have done it without the help of Datrice and the skills and tools she taught me when it came to goal-setting and making my visions and dreams a reality. She has truly been an inspiration to me and has become one of my biggest supporters. It was an honor to have her attend my marriage ceremony. I will be eternally grateful for the help and support she provided me and the confidence in me to go after what I wanted.

One last thing on my vision board I had a picture of a house and that house is located in Texas, my family and I will be relocating to Texas in just a few short weeks!

- Stacy Harris, Com2Pass Client


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The planner is an excellent tool to stay organized. It’s so much more than a planner. It helps you set realistic goals in this unrealistic society. I would love to see it in an app for a phone or tablet to be even more readily accessible to me. 

- Teonna Marie Clay

"Information and knowledge is great..but alone not enough. I wanted fruitfulness in my life..I vision fruit!


I have a tendency though of wanting to skip the "process" which made it difficult to even know where to start. Datrice's POP planner was right on time in my life. She had a very specific guideline for me to write out my goals. I started small and it felt great as I was accomplishing the little, realistic goals. This planner has taught me a lot about myself, helped train myself, and I'm enjoying the sweet taste of accomplishment. Thank you Datrice for your guidance."

- Sarah


“Datrice has partnered with Dress for Success Michigan since 2015.  She has presented workshops on goal setting and developing a vision board.  These sessions have been life changing for many of the participants that had not been able to see past their current circumstances.  She is engaging, uplifting and inspiring and as she requires you to look deep inside to find all you have to accomplish your goals.”

Karen Wagnon, Dress for Success Michigan, Job Readiness Program Coordinator

“I was inspired to keep dreaming and it brought refreshed revelation to writing the vision and make it plain.  By faith you start with a vision with pictures and dates.”

 - Michigan State University Student

“Datrice, this information was very supportive-I needed this.  I learned the relevance of creating a vision board and setting goals.  The training activity inspired me so very much.  I will be making myself accountable for me and what I want.  This training is for EVERYONE.”

 - Michigan State Police Employee

"OMG Datrice!  I’ve gotten so much great feedback!! They LOVED you!

It’s so weird how things work out.  I had a random thought, and we quickly pulled it together!

So cool!  I really do have a great team, and they work very hard.  They deserved a day to be inspired by you!"

Katie Bower, Director, Business Compliance & Regulation Division,  Michigan Department of State

“I’ve REALLY been enjoying this AWESOME CD “Atmospheric vibrations “the beautiful and energetic Datrice Stalling.  She DID NOT come to play! I love her spirit and dedication to helping people achieve their best potential”

 - Dara Mayhoe, Inspired Customer

"What Datrice spoke about makes sense to know “why” you want what you want.  The presentation was very good…inspiring.”

 - Sherry R. Michigan State Police, Department Manager